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The Truth about Fundraising

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Here’s the truth about fundraising. Just because someone has money to donate, doesn’t mean they will give it to you.

Have you ever had someone came up to you with a donation tin asking for $1 and you DEFINITELY have that one dollar in your pocket but you chose instead to say NO?

Same can be said for that rich person that you plan to ask for donations. They are a millionaire, what’s $1,000 cheque to them? You are a thousandnaire, what’s $1 to you?

It all goes back to the basics of why people give and then figure out a way to present that to them.

Whether it’s $1 or $1,000,000, once you figure this out, its easy to get donors who believe and support your cause. If you ever heard the saying “people makes decisions based on emotions”, it’s even more true when it comes to fundraising.

So, here are some of the reasons why donors give.

Support for your cause

This is the easiest! Because there are so so so so so so many people who are looking to help, do loads of good and want to support, you will always find donors that support your cause. They may not be in obvious places but if you look long enough, you will find them.

Over the years, I met so many of this kind of angels who help and support and want nothing in return. They can come in the form of volunteers, donors, partners, sponsors, speakers for my non-profit events and fundraising initiatives and the list goes on!

Reward / Acknowledgement / Benefits / Legacy

There is this multi-millionaire that we approached to donate half a million for our Education Trust Fund. We did a whole meeting with him and showed him our track record, and also shared our future plans once we receive the donations needed. We basically appealed to him for support by “selling” the cause. He didn’t donate to us but 6 months later we found out that he donated to another NON-CHARITY organisation for $5 million.

Guess what’s this savvy businessmen donated to?

A media company to build an entire auditorium which is named after him.

Let’s face it. Some people don’t care about your cause. Some people are not inclined to donate because you are planning to save the world. Some donate because the charity is able to give them some sort of reward or acknowledgement that benefits them or their business. If you are able to figure this out, you’ll unlock another set of potential donors supporting your cause.

Tax-Deductible Benefits

Many countries have government supporting charities through grants and funding but also by offering tax-deductible benefits for individual and corporate donations. Don’t underestimate how this can bring in donations as this appeals for business or individuals who don’t typically donate.

So there you go! Some things to think about as you create your fundraising plans. So now go get that donations and change the world!




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