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“I have a small and/or niche audience and that’s why I can’t get sponsors”

This my friend, is a limiting belief and I’m so happy to announce that with every limiting belief - it’s not true.

My clients and I have received both cash and in-kind sponsorships with just 100 people in the room and the key is always finding out what’s niche/special about your audience.

Your attendees are the perfect type & number for the right sponsors, and the more niche it is - the more valuable it is.

With a small audience, know that it’s always a curated list of people who're interested in a curated and specific topic, things, services or interest. And this is why sponsors pay you and not a TV commercial where “everyone is”. (Wait, is everyone even watching TV because I know millennials only watch Netflix)

Your job as an event organiser is to understand your niche audience and why it’s not “just everyone”

Let me put you in the perspective of a Sponsor and in this case you’re in the Luxury Jeweller business and your priority is to make more sales.

As a business manager, do you want to:

A) Promote your $100,000 rare ruby necklace to 1 million people at the billboard mall

B) Promote it to 100 people who are millionaires in a "small" women empowerment brunch event?

The answer become so obvious (:

Now for your next step: Look for companies who want to approach your small, niche audience and treat your event & audience like the rare ruby necklace. Not everyone is supposed to touch it, and not many people can afford it - for good reason!

Cheers to your event success,



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