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to turn your idea into
a super successful event with ease?

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Hear from My Clients

From ZERO to USD$10,000 cash sponsorship in 4 weeks!

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Elvis Silayo
Founder of Paychap

Back to School
Education Festival

I did not have a single sponsor with 1 month left to the planned event day and I began to doubt myself. But fortunately, I came across Rashidah's services. She challenged me to push my limits in every way possible. She provided great perspective and sound advice. She helped with the preparations through meetings and proposals. She helped me to gain confidence for my event. As I approached the first sponsor, I had an unexpected response. Their immense excitement and love for the event was immeasurable. I successfully secured two Platinum cash sponsors worth USD$10,000, venue sponsor and media partners for my event. 


I highly recommend Rashidah to anyone trying to organise an event of any size or type. It was a great experience working with her to organise an event that combined amazing convenience and experience to attendees, an event that is value for money to all sponsors. And most importantly, an event that created a huge social impact in my community.


With her as my event’s compass, I was ultimately led to structure an event that brought excitement to people and sponsors. She is worth more than her rates. She delivers on time and her events consulting services are world-class!

Thanks to Rashidah's coaching strategies, I totally have a different mindset! Rashidah helped me to overcome my limiting beliefs and enhance my confidence with her magic wand. She was amazing to shift my clogged mindset to consistent motivation!

Thanks to her incredible help, I've already secured 3 high profile speakers so far (within 1 month of coaching) - one was featured in Business Insider, Medium, The Inquirer, Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance & Yahoo News, and one had over 54K Instagram followers!

Secured Speakers on Business Insider, Medium,
The Inquirer, Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance
and one with 54K Instagram Followers! 

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Rachel Chung
Confidence &
High Performance Coach

The Makeover Virtual Summit:
Turn Your Passionate Hobby to
A Profitable Online Business


I'm hosting a Virtual Summit

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Launch your event with minimal manpower, a small budget and secure USD$10K cash sponsorship in less than 30 days

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