Your Personal Roadmap to A Successful Event

Here's what I want you to know - having a successful event that fits all of your objectives GET TO BE EASY.

It’s incredibly frustrating for me when I see my client who took up my done-for-your-services and went the other direction. Like when I created the most perfect sponsorship proposal and then see-ing my clients approached companies who I know for sure won’t drop a dollar for their event. Like when I help to create a timeline for their 2 pax manpower and then see my clients add tons of extra and unnecessary work which will take wayyy more 2 people to work on (more manpower = higher expenses = overspending = exceed budget)

Most often than not, I find myself coaching my clients on top of my usual services and that’s the whole reason why I create this VIP intensive event strategy call.

So that you can get the results without learning from trial and error (because who got the time for that??)

Like my client Elvis who came to me just ONE MONTH before his festival with zero sponsorship dollars and partnerships. He initially took one of my done-for-you proposals before jumping on a strategy call out of frustration because he can’t seem to secure any sponsors.. 

And with just ONE intensive, he got $10K sponsorship dollars AND a venue partnership AND tons of media features.

What changed?

Having the right strategy.

Your event don’t need more manpower, more funding, more resources than it has to. All you need are the right strategies to make use of the resources you ALREADY have for a super successful event. 

What if you make your event’s success PREDICTABLE?

The kind of event that’s so easy to organise and hit all of your business objectives whether it’s to:

✓ Gain massive visibility and make TONS of sales

✓ Be a LEADER in your industry and collaborate with high profile players in your niche

✓ Make a social impact and serve your audience at a BIGGER platform

Whatever it is, I got you.

This VIP Event Strategy Intensive is for you if:

✓ You are organising your event for the first time and are ready to DROP ALL of the guesswork

✓ You want the shortcuts and hacks to organise your event

✓ You are ready to be guided by an experienced events organiser to plan your event

✓ You are committed to your event’s success

What happens during a VIP Event Strategy Intensives?

I’m going to share my TOP tips and strategies that have been accumulated over 9 years (plus another 4 since I actually went to an “Events School”) and give the clear roadmap that you need to confidently work on your event. Without the stress, overwhelm and guesswork. 

If you are ready to rock your event TODAY, let’s get started and set you up for your event success.

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VIP Event Strategy Intensive

Your event's guaranteed success is a button away


Elvis Silayo

Working with Rashidah has truly been a blessing to me, especially because I was organising my first ever event. As an amateur without a background in events organising, I did not have a single sponsor with 1 month left to the planned event day. I began to doubt myself.

But fortunately, I came across Rashidah's services. She challenged me to push my limits in every way possible. She provided great perspective and sound advice. She helped with the preparations through meetings and proposals. She helped me to gain confidence for my event. As I approached the first sponsor, I had an unexpected response. Their immense excitement and love for the event was immeasurable. I successfully secured two Platinum sponsors worth USD$10,000 as well as venue sponsors and media partners for my event. 


Sacred W

She is excelled. Organized. Prompt. Thus far in our first I was very impressed by her curiosity, and ability to take moving parts and help them feel tuned and succinct. Will definitely work with her again

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