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You're here because you already know how Virtual Summit can explode your business

Like helping you to be seen as the go-to expert, filling up your email list with your ideal clients, and getting visible AF that you’re seen as an authority in industry.


Key Elements We'll Cover

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A-List Speakers

To establish yourself as a leader in your industry

I'll share my step-by-step guide so that you can secure high profile speakers in your industry (such as those on BBC, Forbes or Wall Street Journal) for FREE. It works even if you have zero profile or following!


Virtual Summit Timeline

Specially infused with ease & flow to prevent overwhelm and stress

Walk away with key focus areas leading up to your Summit Day and clarity of important tasks, processes and step-by-step guide to a successful virtual summit

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Monetising Your Summit

To exceed your profit goals & increase your income streams

We'll include new ways to boost your profits and monetise your virtual summit, as well as key expenses to ensure costs are kept low and no surprise payments!

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Impactful Programme

To put your brand front & centre

while making an impact

We'll decide on key decisions on the event format & programme to achieve your business goals from boosting sales, growing your email list and skyrocket your visibility.

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VIP Event Strategy Intensive

Your Virtual Summit's

success is a button away

60 minutes coaching session

Keyboard and Mouse
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Naphtali Hoff,PsyD
President & Executive Coach
Impactful Coaching & Consulting 

Rashidah was clear and comprehensive, as well as supportive and encouraging. Lots of value packed into a single call!

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Sacred Walker
CEO & Holistic Trainer
Kuumba Health LLC

She is excellent. Organized. Prompt. Thus far in our first I was very impressed by her curiosity, and ability to take moving parts and help them feel fine tuned and succinct in written form. Great work.


Mark Buzan

Our Executive Director Association 

Rashidah is very professional and clearly knows her stuff! Great working with her :)

Rashidah exceeded all my expectations for the Summit Events Coaching call! She gave me information, ideas strategy that will make my summit outstanding. Thank you for all the great help!!


Sally Littleton, PhD

Certified Shihan/Master Reiki Teacher

Enlightenment Reiki

White Feather

From ZERO to USD$10,000 cash sponsorship in 4 weeks!

I did not have a single sponsor with 1 month left to the planned event day and I began to doubt myself. But fortunately, I came across Rashidah's services. She challenged me to push my limits in every way possible. She provided great perspective and sound advice. She helped with the preparations through meetings and proposals. She helped me to gain confidence for my event. As I approached the first sponsor, I had an unexpected response. Their immense excitement and love for the event was immeasurable. I successfully secured two Platinum sponsors worth USD$10,000 as well as venue sponsors and media partners for my event. 


I highly recommend Rashidah to anyone trying to organise an event of any size or type. It was a great experience working with her to organise an event that combined amazing convenience and experience to attendees, an event that is value for money to all sponsors. And most importantly, an event that created in a huge social impact in my community.


With her as my event’s compass, I was ultimately led to structure an event that brought excitement to people and sponsors. She is worth more than her rates. She delivers on time and her events consulting services are world-class!

Elvis Silayo

Founder of Paychap

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