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Like helping you be seen as the go-to expert, filling up your email list with your ideal clients, and getting visible AF that you’re seen as an authority in industry.

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You're here because you already know how Virtual Summits can help explode your business.

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I know because my virtual summit has helped me to:

  • Go from ONE digit subscribers in my email list to multiplying it by 200

  • Made profits! (Being paid to promote my stuff instead of paying for ads!)

  • Collaborate with incredible rockstars in the industry who have been featured on Forbes, BBC, Wall Street Journal and Oprah Winfrey Show

  • Help women all over the world to have a better relationship with money

But what's even better is what happened after the summit

I made enough of a “splash” in the events industry so much so that I got the chance to do an interview Bailey Richert, the queen of Virtual Summits (she does million dollar virtual summits for Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian etc)


And by magic, I also attracted so many interview opportunities on other amazing women entrepreneurs' platforms including Wealth & Wellness Network, The Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN), Podcast to Facebook Groups.


So all that hype about virtual summits helping you to increase your leads, boost your income & skyrocket your authority - it’s all true.


But only if you use the right strategies to make virtual summits work for you. 


Here’s the reality - most cookie cutter event tips that you find online are not geared towards new events without a track record or for first time event organisers. 

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Larissa Parks
Luxury Travel Advisor
Founder of Hitched360

"This is by far the best investment I made"

She is amazing. This is by far the best investment I made. Rashidah embraces your virtual summit idea as if it is her own. Goes above and beyond in research and offering implementable action steps. Very communicative from the beginning and follow-up upon completion. She truly wants you to succeed and reach all income goals. She truly is an ace. Her expertise and brilliance shined throughout our coaching call. I highly recommend her. A delightful experience. A+++ all the way.

Why a Virtual Summit Intensive?

Get crystal clear goals on how to reach your profit plan

Got a $10K profit plan but not sure how to get there? We'll dive deep into what your unique money plan looks like. What to monetise, at which part of the summit to sell and understanding why your people will buy. 

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Here's the thing..

You are not looking for a million to 

In this programme, I’m spilling ALL the secrets that NOBODY is teaching you in the Virtual Summit space including:

*How to secure high profile speakers COLD*

*How to attract an audience ORGANICALLY*

You know what event organisers DON’T have? 

An email list. A social media account. A Facebook Group. 

If you have all of the above? Great!

But Virtual Summit is about growing your audience. 

Which is why I'm sharing with you my exact event marketing strategies that will help you attract TONS of excited audience to fill out your event FAST. That’s how I went from a single digit to x200 my email list - even with 100 Instagram followers, close to zero online presence and a jobless LinkedIn status. Because that ish* doesn’t matter. 

"I successfully secured two cash Platinum sponsors worth USD$10,000"

I did not have a single sponsor with 1 month left to the planned event day and I began to doubt myself. But fortunately, I came across Rashidah's services. She challenged me to push my limits in every way possible. She provided great perspective and sound advice. She helped with the preparations through meetings and proposals. She helped me to gain confidence for my event.

As I approached the first sponsor, I had an unexpected response. Their immense excitement and love for the event was immeasurable. I successfully secured two cash Platinum sponsors worth USD$10,000 and media partners for my event. With her as my event’s compass, I was ultimately led to structure an event that brought excitement to people and sponsors. She is worth more than her rates and her events services are world-class!

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Elvis Silayo
Founder of Paychap

The big, bold move that you're thinking about?

It's here.

The Virtual Summit

3 Months Coaching Programme

One Session of DONE WITH YOU 90 Days Virtual Summit Success Plan

(Value USD$250)

We’ll cover your unique event roadmap based on your budget, team’s capabilities
and business goals. Then we'll map out key action steps and deadline so you and your team know exactly what to do and when. 

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Weekly Private Coaching Sessions

60 minutes x 12 Weeks
(Value USD$3,000)

Each session is tailored to support your progress, overcome your unique challenges and support you with specific event strategies whether it relates to planning, speakers, event platform or marketing.

Lead Your Team Success Pods

30 minutes x 4 sessions
(Value USD$1,200)

Your team will get direct access to me and have my eyes and ears on your event website, marketing materials, sales funnels and event platform. Perfect for Virtual Assistants, Copywriters, and/or IT freelancers, especially if none of your support team have event experience

Lead Your Team Success Pods.png
Weekly Review of Your Event Content & Deliverables.png

Weekly Review of Your
Event Content & Deliverables

30 minutes x 4 sessions
(Value USD$599)


Reviewing the marketing and event pieces that you and your team put out, you’ll have access to expert insights on all your event deliverables. Basically, zero worries on sending out “oops” emails and putting up “oh no I didn’t include the date” event poster. All while ensuring your content converts!

Access to my Virtual Summit
Treasure Chest 

(Value USD$499)


Filled with my tried and tested swipe copies, agreements & proven templates that've been used for million-dollar and award winning events (and did I mention, Presidential-worthy event?). You'll save at least 100 hours of crafting everything from scratch. 

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And because I'm here to help you create the type of virtual summit that's so EPIC, it blows your mind. 

I'm adding these bonus goodies!

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Fill Your Virtual Summit with Top Leaders Mini Course
(Value USD$1,200)


Secure Your All Star Speakers on rinse and repeat! The secret strategies, energetics and mindset that lead to partnership with top-level speakers on Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN and Yahoo News (even if you have a small following). These kinds of speakers usually cost USD$3,000 for a speaking gig, so having 10 of them is USD$30,000 saved!

Summit Marketing Blueprint
(Value USD$499)


Leading you and your team through the 4 key phases of organic event marketing - Nurture, Update, Excitement and Invite. Together, we’ll craft your 30 days content calendar on social media so that once you open the doors to your event, your dreamy clients are rushing in to take their seats!

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Golden Triangle Event Support
Team Trainings

(Value USD$799)


If you are leading a team (even if it's just one virtual assistant!) who’s doing their first virtual summit, these video training sessions are going to help your team geared up and ready in knowing how to support YOU in your biggest project yet. They’ll get event-ready in 3 key areas - Speaker’s Support System, Event Marketing, and Event Platform Necessities. We'll transform your team into a world class event executive(s) who knows how to market, sell and create
your summit for you

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Rachel Chung
Confidence & High Performance Coach

"Thanks to her incredible help, I've already secured 3 high profile speakers - featured on Business Insider, Medium, The Inquirer, Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance and another had over 54K Instagram followers!"

Rachel Testimonial.jpg

Here's the proven Virtual Summit process that I'm going to take you through..

Month 1

Crafting Your Epic Virtual Summit and filling it up with All Star Speakers

  • First, we’ll start with crafting a drool-worthy summit programme that makes your dreamy clients say hell yes just by hearing your summit name.

  • Then, we’ll build a highly transformational audience journey that delivers epic value.

  • Next, we’ll fill it up with your fellow 7 and 6-figure leaders and speakers that you’ve been admiring on internet land through my secret ‘All Star Speakers’ strategies (I love a star-studded virtual stage!)

  • You'll learn how to secure top notch partnerships even if your Instagram have less than 100 followers and a one-digit email list

  • We’ll also be covering your event budgeting (income and expenses) and do a thorough review on your support team to fill up any gaps in terms of strategies or additional support (whether its a Virtual Assistant, a Transcriber or Website Tech Support)

Month 2

Designing Your Event Platform 
(even if you are Non-Tech Savvy!)

  • Focusing on your event platform, we’ll build an effective sales funnel that helps your audience go from a stranger to your biggest fan.

  • We’ll build out an event registration page that converts with important components that attracts your best audience

  • Next, we'll create your cart page, all access pass and upsell pages and everything in between!

  • Pssst... If you are non-tech savvy, don’t worry! I figured out a smooth and easy way to put all these together, even before knowing how to go live on Instagram (ha!) - the key is in choosing an event platform that works for you! 

Month 3

Launching Your Virtual Summit to your international audience

  • The final sprint to the finish line! We’ll go all out on reaching your event to the people who need it the most - organically of course!

  • We’ll craft a tailored marketing plan based on where your ideal audience hangs out, and a 30 days social media content that gets your audience juiced up and ready to get their front row seats!

  • You'll learn effective event marketing strategies to fill up your Virtual Summit with your ideal clients (so that you get to serve more people and make impact in a HUGE way)

  • The same strategies that I used to attract thousands of event audiences internationally so you’ll have a wider reach to your attendees, no matter the time zone!

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Jas Purewal
Luxury Travel Advisor
Founder of Hitched360

"This is by far the best investment I made"

Outstanding! Very thorough explanation of the sponsorship process. Rashidah definitely knows her stuff. I feel like I have a solid plan going forward and the confidence to make it happen. We used every minute of our time effectively and I also got a recording and sample documents that will be very helpful. Rashidah had done her research and tailored everything to my specific needs. She was open, friendly and clear. All my questions were answered. I would definitely use her expertise again. She exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

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Dr Sally Littleton, PhD
Master Reiki Teacher
Founder of Enlightenment Reiki

Rashidah exceeded
all my expectations for the
Summit Coaching call!

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Janice Patterson
Business Coach
The Jam Consulting

Rashidah stepped in and provided me with so much clarity, direction and tools to be able to execute on my virtual event.

I went in thinking that I knew exactly how to do it because I've done events in the past offline, so it can't be that hard to plan something online. Well, I was wrong and I need help. Rashidah was right there to help me just at the right moment. Rashidah stepped in and provided me with so much clarity, direction and tools to be able to execute on my virtual event. She is easy to talk to. She is readily available to respond to questions, and that for me was really important. 

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Why me as your Virtual Summit Coach?

Blog Cover_edited.jpg
  • I’m a certified Events Organiser + 9 years of experience in doing full-cycle events. Some of my biggest events include World Gourmet Summit, Stop The Cycle of Domestic Violence Conference & Singapore Manufacturing Association 80th Gala Dinner.

  • I’m an expert at securing high level collaborations. And the biggest personality that ever graced my event - you asked? It’s Mdm Halimah Yacob - also known as Singapore’s first female president *wink*

  • I have helped raised over USD$1 million through a series of events for children’s education, brought in premium clients for businesses and 10x the event profits A.K.A my events produce results

  • I break complex stuff into easy-to-understand concepts, and easy-to-implement action steps

  • And my clients love me because my virtual summit strategies works, and I support their energetics to manifest miracles. WOOTS!

Ready to host a Virtual Summit that blows your mind?

Total value: USD$8046

Your investment: USD$2500

Pay In Full Bonus


Payment Plans

3 monthly payments of


Let's do this!

Here's everything that you need for a wildly successful summit:

  • 12 x Coaching Session Weekly

  • 4 x Lead your team Success Pods Session

  • 1 x Summit Success Planning Session

  • Virtual Summit Treasure Chest Access

  • Weekly Review of Event Content & Deliverables

And these juicy bonuses!

  • Fill Your Summit With Top Leaders Mini Course

  • Summit Marketing Blueprint

  • Golden Triangle Support Team Trainings

  • I’m so busy with clients, I’m not sure if I have the time!"
    The best part about this coaching programme is that it's specially tailored to busy business owners like you. I’ve spent 9 years refining the event techniques so we’ll go straight to actions that drive results, and cut the fluff. All my clients who hosted a virtual summit are still serving clients on a weekly basis. All I ask is to cut any other non-client activities 2 weeks leading up to your summit date so that you’ll have 100% focus on summit marketing activities.
  • What if I don’t have a big event budget?
    I’ve done a 100+ seminar at a top museum in Singapore with a $0 budget. And I’ve done a virtual summit with $300. It’s not about how big is your event budget but the strategies to make and save money in events. We’ll create an EPIC summit, with a budget that you’re comfortable with.
  • I have a small list, will this work for me?"
    Hosting a virtual summit allowed me to go from a one digit email list to x200 that number in 6 weeks. It’s not about the audience that you already have, but about attracting and growing your best-fit audience. I'll show you how in your programme (;
  • Are you using expensive ads or event platforms?
    Nopes! It's all organic marketing. Event marketing is the art of getting people to say "Hell Yes!" quick and knowing exactly where to find your happy audience - no matter the platform. I'll also teach you how to find partners who's going to be so happy to promote your event for you, while leveraging the platform that you are already on.
  • Okay, I'm convinced. But what kind of information you need from me?"
    If you already have ALL the ideas - perfect! And if you have none - also perfect! In our first call, we'll put your juicy ideas together and plan the kind of virtual summit that sets your heart on fire *in a good way, of course*. The kind of information I need is usually what you already know - your audience, your business and your offers. So that your virtual summit is an extension of you and your business, and not a separate entity.

The best time to host your Virtual Summit is now.

You could wait till you're "ready"

Till you get more followers.
Till your business is "even more polished". 
Till you finally figured out your business systems and funnels.

Or you could follow that nudge that has been telling you that it's time.

Time to lead.
Tme to serve.
And time to impact people like you've never had before.


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