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What You Need To Know Before Hosting Your First Virtual Summit

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

I’m the type who wants to know everything before starting a project and if this is you, this post is everything you need to know about what’s going to happen in your summit journey.

After organising events for almost 10 years now, there are just some things that get very predictable and the first one is this:

Speaker cancellation happens

Maybe life gets in the way, maybe your speaker fell sick right before the event or maybe they forgot that a family member’s birthday clashes with your event date.

And sometimes, they only realise it a few days to your virtual summit. (Ooops!)

So here’s a tip - ask your speakers to submit their pre-recorded presentation video 2 to 3 weeks before your event.

This way even if someone in your speaker list decided to cancel when the presentation deadline rolls around the corner - you still have two to three weeks to replace a new speaker.

The next one is all about budgeting and what you’ll need to know is:

Urgent things cost more money

If you delay submitting your video to the transcriber and instead of needing it in 3 days, you need it in 1 day -> it will cost you more money.

And this is for everything else that is now “urgent”.

If you need to hire someone to support your team within 3 days instead of 3 weeks, you’ll have less time to negotiate a better deal and sometimes premium pricing kicks in.

Pro Tip: That’s why I love a detailed event timeline that highlights important deadlines for submissions so that your budget will not suddenly explode.

And the last one is on Event Tech Platform and if you can guessed it -

Event Tech Glitches Happens

And to avoid tech glitches is futile!

So the next best thing?

Anticipate what’s going to happen and know how to deal with a tech error.

This is where your Event Platform's Tech Support is going to be your new favourite people during your virtual summit and I highly recommend to invest in a great platform (I love Kajabi because it's friendly to a non-tech savvy event host)

Here’s some of the tech glitches that can happen:

  • An attendee didn’t get a confirmation email after registering so she’s not sure if her registration is captured

  • Another attendee purchased an All Access Pass but didn’t get the Welcome email detailing her password access to the event

  • An Affiliate Partner has some trouble login in with Google Chrome Browser but reports to you that it works fine with an Oprah Browser

The bad news: These are the exact glitches that happen to me

The good news: It was resolved less than 3 to 12 hours and it’s the only 3 tech glitches I face

Till next time!




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