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5 Tips to Help you Choose the Best Speakers for Your Virtual Event

As an audience, one of the things that I look out for in an online event is the quality of speakers (because I like to learn from the best, of course!) If you are in the midst of getting speaker’s onboard for your event, here’s 5 tips to help you choose the BEST speakers and help thousands of your attendees gain impactful insights and lessons.

1. A Great Video Presence

If a physical event requires a speaker who is comfortable on stage speaking to a live audience, a virtual summit will require a speaker who’s really good at presenting in front of the camera. Take the time to check out if your invited speaker has produced any video on their website or social media. You can also find out if they have a good quality camera and microphone through the quality of videos they are producing.

2. Experience & Credentials

Inviting speakers who have amazing credentials can help you build credibility for your event, as well as your audience’s trust in the content that you put out. You can check out where their work has been published, it can be on Forbes, CNN, Business Insider or even on TV shows such as Dr Phil and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Even if their work is not published on big platforms, another great way to gauge their expertise is to see how much experience they have, if they have over a decade of experience in a specific field, it really shows that they have in depth knowledge on the subject matter they are presenting. Lastly, even if a speaker does not have any experience or credentials, finding someone who has such a huge passion on the topic you are covering can bring immense value to virtual event attendees.

3. Unique Point of View on the Subject Matter

Part of the fun in being a virtual event host is curating an interesting programme for your audience. In the midst of researching for potential speakers, I noticed very quickly how there are some speakers who have a very unique way of approaching the subject that I might not have seen or heard before. It might be that their entire brand is dedicated to a specific niche in that field, or they have a very compelling point of view on a specific topic that it can help elevate the content you are producing.

4. Speaker’s Products & Services

There is no escaping the possibility that most of the speakers who join your virtual event would likely want to promote something to your audience and this is GREAT. As much as everyone enjoys free content and information, a paid membership, product or services can usually offer either faster results for transformation, or massive value for your audience. Having the right speaker whose products and services can be of great service and support to your audience could be a winning collaboration for both parties.

5. The Right Match in Audience

A great match between your virtual summit audience and your speaker’s audience means that you can effectively cross-promote for a mutually beneficial partnership. This way, your speaker can promote your event to their loyal following, and you can promote your event and speakers to new audiences.

And there you go! These 5 tips has helped me get some epic speakers onboard for my upcoming virtual series from a self-made millionaire featured on Forbes to a financial expert featured on Dr Phil and the Oprah Winfrey Show, and I'm pretty sure it will work for you too!

Cheerios, Rashidah

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