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Top 5 Reasons Why Events Might Be Your Best Marketing Strategy

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

If you are looking for something else to add to your list of marketing strategies, events might just be the single most effective marketing tool to massively increase your visibility and reputation while putting your brand front and centre to new audiences. Here’s the top 5 reasons why you should consider organising an event to promote your business.

Create Attention & Hype to Your New Products & Services

This is a big one that I noticed across all industries. From fashion designers launching a new collection through a fashion show, digital entrepreneurs launching their brand new eCourse through virtual summits to business owners hosting a launch party at their new physical store, events create that undeniable hype and presence, putting all eyes on your offering. Not only you get to promote what you have to offer, but the high visibility also helps to create demand from new customers who wants that brand new shiny thing.

Boost Your Brand Awareness

According to the famous Marketing Rule of 7 , your audience needs to hear your message or brand 7 times before buying your product or service. That’s why you hear the same TV and radio ads again and again or see Facebook ads more than once. When you have events as your marketing strategy, your audience will not only get a chance to hear about you in passing, such as those using Facebook or Google Ads, but also dedicate a few hours at your event hearing all about business, again and again.

Attract New Customers (a.k.a increase your profits)

With high visibility, brand awareness and a good event plan, your event can turn curious strangers to loyal customers. This can come in the form of providing the opportunity to purchase during or after your event. Some tips that can help you increase sales is to create limited time perks such as discounts or free giveaway.

Skyrocket Your Reputation

Unlike traditional advertising, an event gives you the unique opportunity for people who are new to you, to engage and interact with what you have to offer. From giving a sample of your service through workshops, giving a product demonstration and trials during an exhibition or simply being on a platform that collaborates with other top industry players in your space, events can help you increase your audience's’ trust and in turn, build your credibility very quickly.

Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

There are countless angles to spruce up your social media presence through events. Your posts can range from event invite teasers, promoting your speakers, giving highlights of your products, to sharing photos of event activities and happy attendees who have a great time at your event. You can also post picture of people who are enjoying your products to create positive social proof for physical events or create a snapshot of positive testimonials and comments for virtual events.

Organising an event to boost your business is such an exciting project and it gives you an added advantage of interaction and engagement with potential new customers, that traditional and online marketing are lacking. And while anyone can do Facebook or Google Ads, events marketing is not a crowded space so you can easily stand out with just one event.



P.S: Thinking to plan your very own event to scale your business? Let's chat (:


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