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How to promote your event for high attendee rates & more sales!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

I know that you created your summit to help people experience real transformation and get the solutions they've looking for, so here's my top marketing strategies to help you get your event in front of even more people!

More attendees means:

  • more All Access Pass sales (and more money!)

  • more email subscribers to promote future products & services

  • HUGE visibility and branding of your brand & current offers

and all the good stuff!

I've personally grown my subscribers list by 200x so I know that these marketing strategies work!

Here's the thing, they are not just your event attendees who are coming to enjoy your content. They are your prospective clients who are looking for solutions. So presenting what you have to offer and how you can help them is great, but making sure that the attendees profile is closely aligned to your ideal clients is even more important.

So let's get to it!

1. Instagram

In every niche, there is always a group of popular influencers who's got a huge following and churning out valuable content that is aligned with your event theme - whether it's business, spirituality, fundraising, healing - you name it. I recommend inviting a few influencers to give a shout out on your event. If not, a simple Instagram post with relevant hashtags that targets your attendees works beautifully too. I've seen people create a new Instagram account just for one event and I personally think it's too much work to gain followers and engagements so I don't recommend it unless you have a big team that can help you out.

2.Affiliate Partners

Most of my speakers for my summit are also my affiliate partners so having them promote my event to their email lists & loyal followers is easy enough as it's communicated earlier in my emails. I recommend asking your speakers about this after they are confirmed, but don't make it compulsory (especially if you are working with high profile speakers!) as it can be a turn-off for some speakers.

3. Facebook

There are so many ways to promote an event through Facebook. Paid advertisements, Facebook Event Calendar, the usual Facebook post on your profile. But my absolute favourite is through the FB Community Groups where there are tons of active users every day. You can join a couple of groups that allows for free promo postings where your ideal attendees hang out to increase your summit attendance.

4. Blogs & Websites

Another one of my favourite marketing strategies - amazing blogs that have a huge following! You usually can tell if they have a big list by a few factors when you scroll around the blog. Notice if they have a form that captures emails and subscribers, how long they've been around by the dates of their blog post, as well as how active they are from the frequency of the website or blog updates. Finding blogs that are aligned to the event theme also means that they probably covered some of the similar topics that your event is featuring.

5. Event Listings

A place that have a steady stream of old & new event-goers - event listings like EventBrite offer a free marketing page for your virtual summit. What's even more awesome is that you can choose to have your attendees register immediately on the page, or redirect it to your website. I use EventBrite a lot as an event host, but even beyond that - 90% of the events I joined (and paid!) is found through that platform.

6. LinkedIn

Just like Facebook, there are many ways to promote your event on LinkedIn - as a post on your personal profile, a blog post or in various LinkedIn groups. If you are a LinkedIn premium member, you can enjoy the bonus feature of directly inviting potential summit attendees who would love what you have to offer.



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