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How to create an AMAZING, EPIC & SUPER AWESOME virtual summit?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Which is technically the same as asking "How to create the BEST Virtual Summit ever?"

Which in my book means - amazing, epic and super awesome COMBINED!

I got this question all the time so here's my top 3 tips to help you create the best summit ever!

#1. Include an actionable programme

The internet is info overload!

Your summit?

Time to invite your audience to actually DO something.

Self-love related summit?

Invite your audience to do a hypnosis, meditation or journaling piece in your programme.

Business or Money related summit?

Add a super easy and fun - one page workbook, or include DIY trainings in the content.

Any type of summit you're doing, there's an actionable piece that you can include. Guaranteed.

And guess what you just did?

100x your summit REPLAY factor.

Which means your All Access Pass ticket sales has just gone wayyy up.

You're welcome.

#2. High Quality Content

The best recipe that I've found is:

Wisdom + Belief-Shifting Content

💣Wisdom is a millionaire teaching you how you can make your millions.

💣Belief-Shifting is helping your audience change how they see THEMSELVES.

Beautiful, divine goddesses?

Rockstar power boss babes in heels?

Freedom-filled wanderlust fairies?


(Also, that's the kind of power you have when you host that summit!)

And the best way to do this?

Collaborate with the best leaders in the space.

#3. Decide how you want your audience to FEEL?

Is it confident and empowered?

Warm and fuzzy?

Or fun and light and easy?

Because the kind of event that people never forget?

❤️Is the feelings that they felt

💡The AHA moment that turned into an action

⭐️ And the person they finally decide to become


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