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Five important documents you need to kickstart your event planning

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

So you got an idea ready and you have your plan in place but for now its all in your head. And then maybe you put it all in a project mindmap of sorts. What's next? Here are the five most important documents that you need no matter how small or big your event is. Its really an event industry practice that I've seen with 50 pax events to 5,000 pax events. These documents are crucial to keep everything in check.

Event Budget

The most important document for events - the budget! I have a golden rule and that is I can't make a loss when organising an event. Event tip - always add a miscelleneous segment to cover the extra cost that might pop up, it could be a transport fee that you overlook or changes that you made that incur extra money. Trust me, you won't regret including this in.

Contacts Database

The bigger your event, the more important this document is because your event will have so many partners, vendors, sponsors, speakers, performers and it would waste so much time and energy trying to find the contacts at the different places. Keep all of your contacts in one excel document and include all of the follow-up remarks and details inside. This way you can keep track which contact you have spoken to. This also helps with the vendors prices and make your comparison easier with one glance.

Event Timeline

For this one, the bigger your team, the more important it is simply because tasks may overlap between members. Your event timeline can also double up as a task delegation document. Event timeline helps you to keep track of key milestones but more importantly, DEADLINES! How scary it is to have missed a printing deadline for your stage backdrop? Or to miss the payment for your venue to secure it? These seemingly small oversight can have huge consequences on your event!

Logistics List

I like to work on logistics list by area so skim through each area of your event and what it needs - registration area, stage, networking section, seating area and then list your logistics needs from there. You can do this at the same as doing up your event budget (because it may affect your cost) so do one in the beginning, then update it again as you do your programme (your performers, speakers and sponsors may have some logistics needs) and then have a final look two weeks before your event.

Sponsorship Proposal

That one document that can actually generate thousands of dollars for your event, how exciting! Its so easy to google for a sponsorship template and go from there but the first thing that you should know as an event organiser is this - your event is VALUABLE to your sponsors. Its a mutually beneficial partnership so the fun part is all about figuring out what's in it for them.

Its super easy to get sponsors to jump on board if your event is awesome so just start from there. Tell your sponsors why your event is so great and why they benefit from partnering with you. Easy right?

Now there you go, the 5 important documents for your events! You are now ready to turn your ideas into a reality!

If you are looking to speed up your events plannning process and want to use top notch tested and proven resources instead, I have just the thing for you. As you might know, I started from a side gig on Fiverr (my profile here) and I saw a huge rise in people organising events to make an impact in their community or raise funds for charity. It inspired me to design this Event Kickstarter Kit to help new event organisers with planning from ground zero. I also included my juiciest sponsorship consulting tips to secure sponsors!

Ready to Rock Your Event Package

  • Event Budget Automated event budget with income & expenditure segments that helps you to calculate your profits instantly!

  • 6 Months Timeline This timeline breaks down the exact steps that event organisers use to plan their event with focused key areas to ensure your event planning is smooth & easy

  • Logistics List A comprehensive set of logistics list to ensure you don't miss out on items for your important event

  • Sponsorship Email Template AND Proposal Template Tried and tested sponsorship templates that are used to produce ACTUAL results and secure monetary and in-kind sponsorships for any event types

  • Contacts Database Simplify ALL of your contacts consolidation with just one excel for speakers, venues, vendors and sponsors


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