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Virtual Summit Group Coaching Call

I'm so grateful to you for attending this group coaching call. And I'm beyond excited to attend your Virtual Summit! To your event success 🌻

The Virtual Summit Planning Kit

to take your business to the next level

Virtual Summit Group Coaching

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Here's the download link to the presentation slides


To thank you for attending the training, grab my free gift just for the attendess of this group coaching session -  Virtual Summit Budget Template


Curious on what kind of Virtual Summit I hosted with zero track record, a 'jobless status' on LinkedIn and a single digit email list? 

True to my non-tech savvy nature, the zoom recording is not the best (yikes!). So here's a recording of my previous mini training on "How to use Virtual Summit to Drive Business Results" for your viewing pleasure as cover similar aspects.

Training: Virtual Summit Secrets to Drive Business Results

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