12 Weeks to Your Virtual Summit
Coaching Programme

Like getting dream clients in your subscriber’s list, 
boosting your authority in your industry - all while making money

Hosting events is one of the oldest tools in the marketing playbook - 

and now you are using the same powerful tool for your online business!

What's possible for you after hosting

your first Virtual Summit?

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All while making profits and x200 your email list


Hey Visionary CEOs,

I'm so thrilled that you're here! Hosting Virtual Summit has been life-changing for my business and the results that you see above are not unique at all.

In this beta programme, you're invited to experience the most magical container that will help turn your idea into a full-blown event through my easy-to-implement framework. This programme is specially designed to help busy CEOs create an effective summit that drives business results. 

Throughout our time together, we'll focus on:

Month 1: Crafting Your Epic Virtual Summit
              and filling it up with All Star Speakers

Month 2: Designing Your Event Platform simply
             even if you are Non-Tech Savvy

Month 3: Launching Your Summit for Success 


What you'll learn:

- My secret framework to attract your dream speakers to say "Hell Yes" to your summit even if you have less than 10 Instagram followers and a 1-digit email list (also my favourite strategy to help you elevate your brand through positive association)

- The 5 money-making strategies to help you maximise your event profits while promoting your business (so that you'll make profits for promoting your business - how cool is this!)

- Effective organic marketing strategies to fill up your Virtual Summit with your ideal clients (so that you get to serve more people and make impact in a HUGE way) 

..and so much more!

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What's Included in the Programme?

- Virtual Group Coaching x 12 Sessions (USD$3,000)

- Private One to One Coaching x 3 Sessions (USD$750)

- Secure Your All Star Speakers Training  (USD$199)

- Virtual Summit Money Mastery Training  (USD$99)

- Profitable Virtual Summit Bundle (USD$39)

Valued at USD$4,087

Your Investment

Only USD$888 per month

(3 Months Payment Plan) 

or USD$1950 (Pay In Full Bonus)

Rashidah Rahman

Your Virtual Summit & Events Coach

With over 9 years in the events industry, Rashidah has been part of various high profile and award-winning events, including charity dinners that were graced by Singapore's First Female President. Her biggest project to date is successfully raising over $1 million in funds to support the education of children from low-income families through events and initiatives. She's also the creator of "Ladies, Let's Talk Money Virtual Summit" featuring notable speakers who have been featured on Forbes, BBC, Oprah Winfrey Show and Wall Street Journal, to help empower women with financial education.


Hear from my private clients

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Rachel Chung
Confidence & High Performance Coach

Thanks to her incredible help, I've already secured 3 high profile speakers

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Larissa Parks
Luxury Travel Advisor

She is amazing. This is by far the best investment I made. Rashidah embraces your virtual summit idea as if it is her own. Goes above and beyond in research and offering implementable action steps. Very communicative from the beginning and follow-up upon completion. She truly wants you to succeed and reach all income goals. She truly is an ace. Her expertise and brilliance shined throughout our coaching call. I highly recommend her. A delightful experience. A+++ all the way.

This is by far the
best investment I made.

I successfully secured two Platinum sponsors worth USD$10,000

I did not have a single sponsor with 1 month left to the planned event day and I began to doubt myself. But fortunately, I came across Rashidah's services. She challenged me to push my limits in every way possible. She provided great perspective and sound advice. She helped with the preparations through meetings and proposals. She helped me to gain confidence for my event. As I approached the first sponsor, I had an unexpected response. Their immense excitement and love for the event was immeasurable. I successfully secured two Platinum sponsors worth USD$10,000 and media partners for my event. With her as my event’s compass, I was ultimately led to structure an event that brought excitement to people and sponsors. She is worth more than her rates and her events  services are world-class!

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Elvis Silayo
Founder of Paychap

Instagram Posts Drafts (6).png

Dr Sally Littleton, PhD
Master Reiki Teacher

Rashidah exceeded all my expectations for the Summit Events Coaching call!

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I know you have questions, so let's get to it!

I’m still very new in my business - will this work for me?

Of course! I hosted my Virtual Summit when I had NO Business Instagram, a One Digit email list and a “Jobless” LinkedIn Status. The strategy worked regardless of your business track record because my framework takes your IMPACT at the front and centre of everything we do together. We’ll help you build that gorgeous know, like and trust factor like nothing you’ve seen before (;

Do you use paid ads and expensive platforms to host your summit? And will I be expected to do so?

I’ve hosted an in-person seminar for 100 pax with zero dollars AND hosted a Virtual Summit for USD$300. The fact is - your virtual summit can be as cheap and expensive as you want it to be. For this coaching container - we’ll focus on free organic marketing and affordable platforms. We'll work through a budget that is uniquely customised to you.