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Key Figures You Should Know Before Organ

Land your high profile speakers without a huge social media following, a big profile or spending a dime

So that you can explode your impact, influence and brand

Most people have an amazing platform - Podcast, Youtube, Virtual Summits but they don't know how to maximize its potential or deliver the best content they can offer simply because they've yet to tap on the power of collaboration on a BIGGER LEVEL.


If you've been craving to skyrocket your brand awareness, while growing your followers - having high profile speakers as guests is the fastest way to cement your authority in the space. Isn't it about time everybody know you're the expert?

My Speakers Had Been Featured On:

Key Figures You Should Know Before Organ

You’ve seen other people landing high profile speakers who were featured on Forbes & Wall Street Journal and been thinking 
“How can I do that?”

So you wait till your profile gets “bigger”, your Instagram to reach a million followers and your website to be polished enough before you decide that you are ready for amazing speakers to grace your platform.

Or maybe you have invited your dream speakers, only to hear crickets and rejections. And even you thought about “splurging” to pay for the speaker fees, you balk at the thought of dropping $5,000 per invite.

But here's the truth, you get to land high profile speakers with ease just for being you.

What if there is a way to land your dream speakers

without promising them marketing to millions of followers, having a big brand or paying thousands of dollars of speaker fees?

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-22 at 11.42.18 AM

What if you can attract your dream speakers just by being you? .

What if you don’t have to promise the moon, the sun and the sky to get them to say HELL YES!

What if you don't have to spend a dime, have a big profile or a huge social media following to start getting a roster of All Star Speakers on your platform?

I’m going to show you how by using heart-felt strategies, easy-to-implement action steps and putting your impact at the forefront. With my signature framework that’s proven to secure high profile clients, you'll get to secure your All Star Speakers on repeat. 

Is this you?


You are craving powerful collaborations with high profile speakers so you can create a bigger impact for your audience together


You are confident with what your business have to offer OFFLINE but when it comes to the digital space, you haven't got the huge following that reflect your true business success and your expertise in the space


You want proven strategies & process to land high profile speakers so you can skip the trial and error. You're a busy CEO and have no time to waste. 

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-21 at 4.44.33 PM.

Hello, I'm Rashidah Rahman

And I’ve spent the last 9 years crafting the perfect pitch to help you secure your All Star Speakers.


Having organised events that were graced by some of the most high profile personalities in the world - from The Republic of Singapore President as the Guest of Honour, to having a renowned Financial Expert who was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show for my events, I soon realised that there is a certain pattern that makes a leader say YES.  

It all started when I moved away from my corporate job and organised my first ever independent event to raise awareness on the issues of domestic abuse. I had no connection, no money and no “reputation” that precedes me when I invite speakers.


I was just this Rashidah girl who wanted to make an impact and organise an event. Through weeks of trial and error, I secured all of my dream speakers including a representative from United Nations for Women Singapore, a domestic abuse survivor and a lawyer from an established Family Law company.


All from my Gmail account.


I wasn't even on social media back then and definitely wasn't part of any company. The best part is, this strategy worked so well that I went on to secure thousands of cash sponsorships using this same framework for the same event.


Fast forward 7 years later, I refined the tools & strategies which had helped me secure high profile speakers who were featured on Good Morning America, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and even the Oprah Winfrey Show for my Ladies, Let's Talk Virtual Summit. All while being a brand new solopreneur with a grand total of 100+ Instagram followers, a DIY website and a "jobless" LinkedIn Status update (I was in the entrepreneurship closet, oops!).

The reality is, getting your dream speakers can be effortless through a system of strategic actions & techniques that's carefully implemented. This is pretty great news because ALL of this incredible results is possible for you too. 

Why does my strategies work so well?

It all comes down to:

Key Figures You Should Know Before Organ

Building the Know, Like and Trust Factor Differently

So that you can set yourself apart from your competitors even if  they have a bigger profile or more Instagram followers than you. This way, you'll go beyond the speaker & host relationship, and create a beautiful partnership for a powerful collaboration 

Key Figures You Should Know Before Organ

The Unique Process of Filtering Your "Hell YES!" speakers

What if there is a way to figure out if a speakers is likely to say YES just by looking at their website? Through my process of curation, you'll have the 'eye' to know which speakers are the perfect fit for your platform. I'll also show you where you can find the best speakers on different platforms (Fun Fact: Speakers' directories are one of the WORST way to find speakers!)

Key Figures You Should Know Before Organ

Crafting Your Impact-Driven Invitation

I'll show you how to tap on your impact to create an irresistible invitation for your speakers, and my signature framework that makes prominent leaders say YES within just one email or DM.
(Hint: It's all about giving your speakers the right information so that they are both excited and ready to jump on your platform 

Go from Industry's Best Kept Secret to

Industry's Sought After Expert

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