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Where It All Started

Hello there, I’m so happy to have you here! I’m Rashidah and I help amazing change makers from around the world make an impact through events. 

I used to have huge anxieties doing events especially in the beginning of my career. Events is a huge project and if you think about it, its all about gathering a bunch of strangers. With over 8 years of experience in the events industry, I now have the skills, strategies and tools in my events kit to help other people with their events. Sure I provide leading industry templates and solutions, but most of all I hope to offer a peace of mind to your events journey because the experience is suppose to be fun! The bunch of strangers I was talking about? They will be the ones raving about how much they love your events and sometimes they ask you to do another one! 

Some of the things I've done include: 

- million dollar project that took a year to plan and conceptualise titled World Gourmet Summit. Over 30 events executed in 7 days, gathering the best Michelin starred chefs in the world and partnering with luxury hotels and premium brands in the F&B industry

- charity gala dinners with over 1,500 high profile guests from embassies' officials, corporate partners and government representatives

- islandwide community fundraising events and initiatives totalling $1.5 million in funds raised in just one year

- sports running event for 1,500 runners and volunteers management of 150 volunteers

- zero budget, three weeks deadline and no company to back it up, an independent event to raise awareness about domestic abuse 

- conferences and dinners with the President of the Republic of Singapore as the guest of honour

In the beginning of my events career, I've done many mistakes and had also seen events failed. From:

- Organising a training event with zero paid attendees (oh no!)

- A conference where the attendees are only at 50% of our targeted projection (but we got the perfect strategies to get out of this and I implement this all the time!)

- Many, many mistakes that happens during and after event and some of that even involves sponsors (yikes, but it's okay, I got to learn strategies to overcome them too!)

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